We specialize in liquid paraffin candles & chafing dish fuels

Portland Candle is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in providing decorative table lighting to the hospitality industry. Our primary focus is to supply clean burning liquid paraffin fuel cells, wax candles, decorative candle holders and chafing dish fuel to restaurants, hotels and caterers.

We are passionate about providing exceptional service while helping our customers reduce their overall cost of providing excellence to their patrons.

As small business owners, we recognize our personal responsibility to the communities that we serve. We are active supporters, fundraisers and volunteers for local non-profit organizations that encourage the personal growth and character development of our youth.

Our approach to serving our customers and our community is the core of our culture and a point of differentiation from our competitors.

Our Commitment:

  • To meet or exceed our customers expectations with every aspect of every transaction with Portland Candle.
  • To establish a mutually agreed upon par and delivery cycle for the products that we distribute and to insure that our customers never run out of any item that we supply.
  • To be the most cost-competitive supplier of decorative table lighting.
  • To contribute $2 from every case of product purchased to non-profit organizations that foster the character development of our communities youth