Congratulations to Nolan Henry of Union High School in Camas! Nolan has been awarded the 2015 ERISTAND scholarship for demonstrating exceptional character and an ongoing commitment to his community.

Since 8th grade, Nolan has organized and managed the second largest one-day food drive for the benefit of the Clark County Food Bank in Southwest Washington. He encouraged his fellow peers to come along side and serve this community by collecting can food to feed the homeless. Nolan’s effort has generated over 60,000 lbs. of food annually while also giving him the opportunity to mentor his peers on the spirit of service to others and giving back to your community.

Last year Nolan championed two separate fund raising efforts that each contributed over $20,000 to worthy causes. Nolan raised 100% of the funds to build a multi use sports court in Liberia, where he travelled with his family during his winter break to provide a safe environment for the children of Kamara town to play. Earlier this year, as a member of Union High’s National Honor society, Nolan raised over $22,000 for Peace Health of Southwest Washington’s NICU.

Nolan’s altruistic nature, selflessly giving though service to others, demonstrates a sincere commitment of service. How he goes about serving demonstrates a high level of integrity and the ability to lead by example. Congratulations Nolan on a job well done!

Congratulations to all past and present recipients that have been awarded the ERISTAND college scholarship!

  • 2011 Patrick Moynihan – attended The University of Southern California
  • 2012 Conor McDaid- O’Neill – attending Saint Martin’s University
  • 2013 Erik Powell – attending Washington State University
  • 2014 Justin James – attending Carroll College
  • 2014 Kelleher Farrell – attending Santa Clara University
  • 2014 Christopher O’Conner – attending University of Portland
  • 2015 Nolan Henry – accepted to University of Notre Dame

Each scholarship recipient was chosen for this award, having demonstrated exceptional character in their life and a consistent commitment of service to their community.  All recipients have demonstrated  exceptional leadership skills, dependability, and personal accountability in all aspects of thier life, while modeling a high level of integrity and service to their families,  school, church, local, and international communities.

Please check back for future updates on the application process and deadlines.